Indie Kin resource for families. Cool stuff for kids.

Hundreds of families will be introduced to your brand during an incredible new event.

The first Indie Kin event will take place on:

May 3, 2020 | Chicago



Indie Kin is both an online resource and live event highlighting the very best of kid-centric independent makers and services. Whether families are planning a party, looking for a family photographer or on the hunt for new products to make their lives easier, Indie Kin has got it all. Good stuff for great families.


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About the Event


Indie Kin is a live event where families can discover the perfect products and services to enhance their lives. Indie Kin offers a one-stop shop for all the best kid-friendly artisans and professionals around.

So what exactly does “Indie Kin” mean? Not only is our focus on promoting and supporting small, independent (indie) businesses, but also those families with an independent spirit. We know that families come in all shapes and sizes and we want to help bring joy to as many as possible.

Indie Kin is not just a show but also a market where many of the artists will be selling their wares on the spot.



The main goal of Indie Kin is to provide support for small and independent businesses. It is our commitment to those business owners that informs the majority of our decisions.

Unlike other kid/family expos, which allow anyone to participate as long as they can afford the exorbitant booth fees, Indie Kin shows are curated. Vendors must first apply to participate. Next, only a limited number of vendors are selected per category to ensure that no particular area is oversaturated (for the benefit of the vendors and attendees). Finally, in order to create a more accessible marketing platform for small businesses, costs are kept intentionally affordable.


16403010_10158219736950436_372942289749452391_oHISTORY OF INDIE KIN

In 2009, Kelly Maron Horvath first began working an idea to create a new kind of wedding expo, one that was filled with small business artisans and wedding professionals. This event called Indie Wed was one of the first of its kind in the country and ten years later, has sustained as the longest-running, independent wedding show in the country.

Fast forward to 2019 and Kelly is expanding that concept with Indie Kin. As a mom of two precocious kids, she wanted to have a place that celebrated families and introduced them to some of the same creative folks she’d met through Indie Wed.

Key Numbers

For all our live events including Indie Kin + Indie Wed

The average Indie Kin attendees are working, millennial families looking for handcrafted products and unique services. They actively support small businesses and are willing to invest financially in the right product/service. Quality and craftsmanship are more important to them than the overall cost. Finding vendors with missions that support social and/or environmental causes is also a consideration.